With millions of items on Amazon, it’s hard to know where to start and what to look for when creating Amazon Shoppable videos. I will break down what I look for in items to help give me the best possible shot at a big return.

Characteristics of a Good Opportunity

items with a higher commission percentage

When earning commissions as an Amazon influencer, the key thing to remember is that these percentages aren’t assigned per item but by category. You’d think all categories are equal, but that’s not the case. Some pack a bigger punch in the commission department than others.

Jumping into the Amazon influencer backend can feel like treasure hunting if you’re like me. But it’s worth it. That’s where you’ll find your commission breakdown. This little exploration could reveal which categories your golden geese are. And here’s a little insider tip: the most lucrative categories might not be what you’d expect.

Take electronics, for example. You’d think they’d bring in the big bucks, right? Well, prepare for a plot twist because they often don’t. It’s a common surprise among us influencers. So, my advice? Focus your efforts on those higher commission categories. Sometimes, the best returns come from the most unexpected places.

Avoid Items With Many Influencer Videos

To boost your chances of getting your videos seen—and, by extension, earning commissions—focus on reviewing products with minimal coverage on platforms like Amazon. This strategy places your content in prime viewing territory, increasing visibility.

On platforms such as Amazon, videos are displayed in two main spots. The first is the top carousel, nestled among the product images right at the forefront, making it highly visible to anyone checking out the product. The second spot is a lower carousel, located midway on the page for desktop viewers or at the bottom for mobile users. This dual placement ensures that your review has a good chance of catching the eye of potential buyers, regardless of how they browse.

However, there’s a catch. It might be time to pivot if you stumble upon a product with four or five influencer videos. Amazon caps the visible video count at five, but don’t let that number fool you. Hundreds of other videos could be queued up, just waiting for their moment in the spotlight. This means fierce competition, and your video might struggle to break through.

So, the golden rule? Zero in on products with few to no existing videos. This not only gives you a clearer field but also positions your content to be one of the primary sources of information for that product. Remember, in a sea of countless products, the ones with less attention offer a unique opportunity to shine and attract an audience eager for fresh insights.

Amazon Choice and Best Sellers

First up, we have the Best Sellers. These items are flying off the virtual shelves, making them an obvious choice to feature. Why? Because their high sales volume means people love them. However, this popularity also means many Amazon influencers may already promote them. But don’t let that deter you. With patience, you can uncover those hidden gems that haven’t been swamped by video content yet.

Then there’s Amazon’s Choice. This label is slapped onto products, which are usually pushed (and paid for) by the brands themselves for recognition and, hopefully, more sales. It’s not always a guarantee of high sales, but these products grab more attention thanks to their badge of honor. Pairing this insight with other strategies can unlock some fantastic opportunities for you.

Total Number of Customer Ratings

When scouring through search results for the perfect product, one handy trick I often employ is to check the number of reviews a product has. This little tidbit has been a game-changer for me. Why, you ask? Well, at least historically, the number of reviews can indicate an item’s popularity. For instance, if I stumble upon a product with more than 500 reviews, it instantly grabs my attention.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. While getting caught up in the star ratings is tempting, I’ve learned to take them with a grain of salt. Ratings can be misleading or skewed for various reasons. So, instead of focusing solely on whether a product is sitting at 4 or 5 stars, I pay more attention to the volume of feedback it has received.

Remember that a product’s past success, indicated by many reviews, doesn’t always guarantee future success. However, it’s a good sign that the product has been well-received and could continue to perform well in sales. This approach has served me well in making more informed decisions, and it just might do the same for you.

Units Sold In the Last 30 Days

Amazon’s latest feature offers a valuable insight for shoppers and sellers: seeing an item’s estimated sales over the past 30 days. This information is more than a glimpse into a product’s past performance; it’s a vital indicator of its current popularity. While it’s true that past sales don’t always predict future success, understanding that a product has been selling well recently is incredibly insightful. It goes beyond knowing if an item was popular before; it’s about recognizing it as a sought-after item.

And that, my friends, is significant.

Keep An Eye on TikTok and Instagram

Believe it or not, social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram can be great places to find up-and-coming brands and products that are starting to catch fire. These companies are putting money behind their advertising campaigns to gain some popularity.

Not all of these products will be sold on Amazon, but a good number of them are, and being aware of a trending product before it is trending can result in big returns.

How to Use the Guidelines Above to Find Great Products

You’ll probably not find an item that fits all the criteria above. That’s not the goal of this list. To maximize success, consider these more variables or guidelines rather than mandates. If I’m looking to purchase a product on my own, it will at least fit into two or three of these categories, but it doesn’t necessarily have to fit more.

For example, an up-and-coming product might not have many reviews or recently sold units. A company or product that has been around for a while might have a high rating volume and sales volume. Be buried under hundreds of Amazon influencer videos. Be flexible with your research, but apply as many of these as possible when looking for an opportunity.

Be Careful When Buying Products

Be careful whenever you’re buying products with the specific purpose of making Amazon shoppable review videos. There’s never a guarantee that your video will get placement on the product, and in turn, there’s no guarantee that your videos will ever make you any money. While I occasionally purchase products for the sole purpose of making review videos, I try not to make it a habit unless it matches a high number of the guidelines above.

However, if you are purchasing a product for your use but still want to have an opportunity to make some money from it, don’t always go for the most popular name brand like you normally would; look for alternative products or brands that match some of the criteria above. This not only satisfies your personal need but also allows you to make a shoppable video and hopefully some money.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Nothing is ever guaranteed in the Amazon Influencer Program regarding what products will make you money and which will be a bust. It’s a bit of a crapshoot, but if you use the guidelines above, it’ll put you in a position to better identify products with opportunity.

As always, check out my Amazon Influencer Storefront to see the types of videos I make.

NOTE: As an Amazon Affiliate and Influencer, I might make commissions on sales made via the link to my storefront above.

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