There are two locations on Amazon Product listings where Shoppable videos can appear: the upper and lower carousels.

However, the upper carousel is where most of your money will be made, so it’s important to understand what to look for on the product page, specifically in regards to the upper carousel, to maximize your earnings potential.

Where to Find Both Carousels

When looking at a product, there will typically be several picture panels either to the left or under the product picture, similar to below:

In the screenshot above, you can see there are 7 panels in total, with the last being the video panel.

Scrolling down the page will eventually come to a section called “Videos for this product.”

The Importance of the Upper Carousel

When customers are looking to buy products, many will click on the upper carousel to see additional pictures of the item. When doing this, they will often also see the available videos for the product, leading to a higher rate of being watched.

The lower carousel, however, requires the buyer to scroll down and actively click on the videos to play them. This still happens, but it’s not as common as with the upper carousel videos, which require no scrolling and minimal clicking.

The top carousel is the key if you want to make good money as an Amazon Influencer.

The “1 Video” Top Carousel Secret

Some items on Amazon lack brand videos. For Amazon Shoppable videos to be placed on an item, at least one brand video must be uploaded and visible.

So, if you upload an Amazon Shoppable video to an item that doesn’t already have a brand video, your video cannot appear on the top carousel, only the lower.

This is important to understand, especially when you are looking for items to buy for the sole purpose of creating videos. My recommendation? Don’t purchase products for the sake of review if there is no brand video on the top carousel.


You can read my article “How to Pick Great Items to Review On Amazon“.

Beware of TOO Many Videos, Even At the Top

While having a brand video at the top is the key to getting your video to the top, having TOO many brand videos at the top is a red flag. If a brand has uploaded four or five videos, your video will typically have to wait to be auto-played until the other videos are outplayed and watched. That’s a long time waiting.

I MIGHT consider an item with 3 brand videos if I think it’s a high sales volume opportunity.

Products with 1 or 2 brand videos are the sweet spot in the top carousel. The shorter, the better.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Getting any placement is good, but getting the most bang for your buck (especially if you bought the item for the purpose of making the video) is where the rubber meets the road.

Concentrate on items with at least 1 video at the top and, preferably, no more than 2.

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