One of the hard lessons I learned early was that it’s a mistake to take on too many products that take a long time to shoot videos properly. Concentrating on products you can easily turn around and make a video is one of the most important keys to taking you from making no money to boosting your sales.

Good Products That Can Get Done Quickly

Concentrate on products that take little to no assembly and require virtually no time to understand their features and functions adequately.

For example, think about a dog collar. It takes 10 seconds to learn its features (based on the Amazon description) and zero assembly time. This means you can shoot your video and move on to the next item quickly (unless it’s some crazy electronic collar, which will take longer to learn and demonstrate how it works).

Another example is a lamp. It requires almost no assembly, and all you really have to do is plug it in and talk about its features. Done! Now, you can move on to your next item.


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Bad Products That Take Too Long

Avoid products requiring lots of assembly and time to learn about or demonstrate.

I learned this lesson early in my Amazon Influencer journey when I agreed to do a video for a shoe rack. It was a flimsy product and a pain to put together. I probably spent 45 minutes on it, and I don’t think I’ve made a dime on it almost a year later. It was a total waste!

Also, think about products that require special settings or being outside to shoot. I do these sometimes, but I’m careful. For example, pickleball paddles can be tough to shoot because you should be at a pickleball court demonstrating the paddles to shoot good videos. I do this, but it’s sometimes an uphill battle to coordinate it.

Overly complicated items (especially electronics) can take up your time with no promise of ever converting, so be cautious of such products.

How Can I Recommend a Product If I Do Fast Videos?

You might think it seems strange to recommend products you have only spent a few minutes with. How are you supposed to feel comfortable saying you recommend a product if you just took it out of the box 30 seconds ago?

My answer is easy: Don’t recommend products. Most of my videos do not recommend the item to the viewer but instead recommend that they check the product out or consider it. You shouldn’t recommend products that you don’t stand behind. People can see right through that if you are trying to convince them of a product but come across as someone who doesn’t actually know much about it.

Talk about its features and functions, explain how it works, and demonstrate what it does (if it does something). That’s all you need to do. This allows you to make videos honestly and still inform the viewer about the product.

Let’s Wrap It Up

The more videos you make, the more opportunities to shoot, and the more videos you will get. Moving through these products efficiently will become important to avoid getting behind (or overwhelmed) with your products while waiting.

Make quality videos, and make fast videos.

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