According to the Amazon Influencer sign up page, getting into the Amazon Influencer Program sounds easy. It says if you have a YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok account, you are off to a good start. It also says their acceptance criteria are based on how they “look at the number of followers you have in addition to other engagement metrics.”

Sounds easy, right?

Not so fast. It’s not as clear-cut as you might think. Let’s discuss how to get into the AIP and what you need to know.

You Need an Approved Social Media Account

As stated above, you need to have one of four social media accounts: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. I signed up using YouTube because it had the most followers. Any four will do, but if you are using FB or IG, you must set up the account as a business account to apply.

If you have more than 1 account, which should you apply with? Well, that will depend on each account’s follower count and engagement. Let’s go over each below and what to look for.

How Many Followers Do I Need To Get Into Amazon Influencers?

While Amazon gives us a few general guidelines regarding what they need, they do not get into the weeds on what else they are looking for. The more followers, the better for all of the platforms.

As far as the minimum number of followers needed, I have seen reports ranging from just a few hundred getting accepted to the program.

How is that possible? That’s a great question. This is where the other metrics, mainly the engagement criteria, most likely come in.

What Is Engagement On Social Media?

Engagement means how often your followers interact with you and how well you interact back. This could mean anything from likes, follows, comments, shares, etc. The more you interact with your fans and followers, the higher your engagement.

Similar to the follower count, engagement doesn’t have a number or percentage that Amazon has published to target. In both instances, we are left to our imagination and best intentions when creating accounts that we think Amazon would approve.

What If I Have a Big Account, But I Never Interact On It?

Believe it or not, I’ve seen accounts with big followings get denied. While Amazon doesn’t give specifics when they deny an application, it’s usually believed that there was an issue with the engagement level on the accounts.

While some creators might try to boost their engagement right before applying to the program to make their accounts look better in Amazon’s eyes, Amazon can see through this tactic. You might still try to see if your efforts have been enough and apply through the Amazon Influencer sign-up page but don’t be too shocked if they deny you.

What Is The Best Way to Get Into Amazon Influencer Program?

Having an existing YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram account with a solid follower or subscriber account you have cultivated and engaged with over time is always your best bet to get into the program. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s your highest percentage chance of getting approved.

Can you get in with a low follower count but high interaction? According to some, yes. But your chances of starting a brand new account, with no/low followers and no interaction, is a near-death sentence.

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