Many people who first join the Amazon Influencer Program want to know how much money they can expect to make in the first 30 days.

Let’s talk about it.

It Depends On A Few Things…

There are a few things you should consider when you are wondering how much money you will make in your first full month in the program.

How Many Videos You Make

Video volume is probably the most important factor when setting expectations for the first 30 days. The more videos you make, the better your chances of being seen by potential customers. Obviously, the quality of the videos and your ability to induce the viewer to make a purchase matter, but without videos, nothing else matters.

The Products You Choose to Create Shoppable Videos For

This next one goes hand in hand with the above, but the reality is that videos need to be SEEN to create revenue. Product selection is super important, as you need to create videos for products people shop for.

The Quality of Your Videos

Along with the above, making WATCHABLE videos is just as important as any other factor. If people don’t like your videos and they don’t make a purchase, your videos are useless. Make an effort to put some quality into your production.

You don’t have to make it Hollywood-level, but put some effort into the videos.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Most of how much you will make in your first 30 days depends on what you read above. If you don’t follow these rules, expect no commissions. But if you take those points into consideration, you will give yourself a chance to max out your earnings in the first month.

And keep in mind, don’t put too much stock into what you do the first month. You can make good money in the program through consistency, so don’t get swayed by your first 30 days too much.

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