Getting approved for the Amazon Influencer Program is the first step, but that doesn’t mean you’ll make any money. You don’t make money from making Amazon shoppable videos until you’re approved for on-site commissions.

What is that? I’ll explain it in this article.

What Are On-Site Commissions?

On-site commissions are how you make money whenever somebody watches one of your videos and purchases a similar item. So, for example, if you have a video of a toothbrush, and somebody watches it and buys a toothbrush or a similar item, you would make an on-site commission for that purchase.

On-Site vs Off-Site Commissions

Since we know that on-site commissions are created by making videos directly on Amazon, then offsite commissions are essentially the opposite.

Offsite commissions are earned whenever you direct somebody to Amazon from a different website, perhaps a Facebook group or a blog that you operate. These commissions are not part of the Amazon Influencer Program but are typically related more to the Amazon Associate Program, which is their affiliate system.

Submitting Your 3 Videos for On-Site Approval

To get approved for on-site commissions, you must upload three videos for Amazon to review and consider for approval. If they approve these videos, you’re good to go and can earn on-site commissions from now on from your videos.

However, if they fail even one of your videos, you cannot proceed and must try again. They limit the number of attempts you can retry to three, so each set of submissions becomes very important.

Advice for Your 3 Videos

Based on my personal experience and the experiences of others I’ve seen in Facebook groups, here is a list of things to remember when submitting your first three videos.

  1. Don’t submit videos of products considered health products or related to the body. Amazon is very sensitive about videos that could sound like medical advice or describe the benefits of certain items to the body. Try to stay away from these types of items.
  2. Show your face in at least one video. You don’t have to do it in all your videos, but showing your face will give them an indication of who they are considering and put a little bit of personality behind your submission.
  3. Frame the video to focus on the product. If you’re showing your face, send the product in the middle of the screen so it is highlighted. Influencers often make this mistake and show too much of themselves and not enough of the product.
  4. You are not a reviewer; you are a salesperson. Shoppable videos are created to induce a sale, so make sure you are excited about the product.
  5. Make sure your lighting is decent, and your sound quality is good. Influencers often make this mistake and record in big rooms with a lot of echo. Consider purchasing a cheap Lavaliere mic or something that allows your audio quality to be above average.
  6. Keep your videos less than two minutes long. You can do longer videos later, but keep these concise and to the point.
  7. Don’t talk about yourself too much. It’s good to interject a very short story about why you love the product but focus on what you talk about the product and its features.
  8. Don’t overthink it. Try to keep your mannerisms and voice natural.

Let’s Wrap It Up

If you don’t make it through the three rounds of on-site submissions, you can resubmit later with another social media account and try again. It’s not the end of the road, but my advice above will give you a better chance at getting through and getting to the other side.

As always, you can check out my Amazon storefront to see examples of my videos.

NOTE: As an Amazon Affiliate and Influencer, I might make commissions on sales via the link to my storefront above.

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