At some point in your Amazon Influencer journey, you will be contacted by a seller who needs a product video and is willing to pay you for a Shoppable video. Should you do it? Is this allowed? Let’s talk about it!

Am I Allowed to Get Paid?

Yes, it’s allowed to get paid for a video. Remember, Shoppable videos are not customer review videos, which ARE prohibited by Amazon to be paid for. However, for best practices, you should not promise certain scripts or content at the seller’s request. Your video should be your own, using your scripts and wording.

What If the Seller Isn’t Offering a Payment?

Some do offer a payment upfront, and some do not. Feel free to ask the seller for a commission. I typically always ask for and get a commission based on the type of product, such as adult products or installation products, which take more time to complete.

Some sellers will decline and move on to another Amazon Influencer, so be aware that asking for a payment might be a non-starter for some. Don’t worry; there are more products available and plenty of opportunities. Don’t let one slip away bother you.

Should I Accept Free Video Request?

When starting your Amazon journey, accepting free products is a great way to build your Amazon storefront and reputation with sellers and brands. I did (and still do) a good amount of free products if I thought the product had a good chance of being a good-selling product or something I wanted for my own use.

However, you may want to consider eventually drawing a line in the sand regarding what kind of products you are willing to do for free. For example, some products will require assembly or installation, which can cost you time AND money. Or, if a seller wants children in your video, you might not want to include your kids in a video for free (or if you live in a state like Illinois, which requires kids to be paid for such activities which use the kids for making money).

How Much Should I Charge?

If you are going to charge (or accept) money for making a Shoppable video, you might ask yourself, “How much should I charge?” Typically, if a seller or agent is offering compensation upfront (they often call it commission), you will see between $10 and $20.

What you accept or ask for is really up to you. Remember how much time you will need to complete the video. A 5-minute video might be okay to charge $10. Not bad for 5 minutes of work, eh?

For adult products, you might be able to charge a fair amount more since not many influencers want to put their face on these videos; $20-$50 is a common number.

Consider the type of product, the time/money needed to complete the task, your business goals, and how much you want to make as an Amazon Influencer.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Several factors determine whether or not you charge a fee for your time making your videos. And remember, you can also flat-out decline an offer if you don’t like the product or fee.

However you choose to proceed, the Amazon Influencer journey allows you to adjust as you go, so don’t worry about making the wrong decision on an item…you’ll have a lot of opportunities in the future.

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